I. Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal – TOK in Action

Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal includes a particularly large collection of TOK video and print expert resources which uniquely connect fundamental TOK concepts and ideas to the front lines of research, tangibly demonstrating how in the real world TOK thinking is integral to successful problem-solving and gaining knowledge.

Ideas Roadshow’s TOK resources:

  • provide easy access to a large collection of unique TOK resources with a direct application to the real world featuring over 80 top researchers from prestigious institutions around the world;
  • come with an engaging lesson plan for each video (incl. relevant AOKs/WOKs, TOK concepts covered, sample knowledge questions, related DP subjects) to build effective TOK lessons;
  • facilitate making explicit links to TOK across all 21 DP subjects our IB-specific database covers;
  • offer students different perspectives on a wide range of topics;
  • directly support students with the TOK essay and presentation.

The new TOK Curriculum

Ideas Roadshow’s TOK video and print resources support the transition to the new TOK course and will be fully in line with the 2022 specification. At this time the database already includes a series of video and print resources related to each one of the optional themes and for each of the 5 streamlined AOKs. All materials will be updated to reflect the changes to the new TOK curriculum ahead of when teaching starts. You will also have access to Ideas Roadshow’s new TOK Teacher Lesson Planner.

TOK Teacher Informational Video

Below is a video that we’ve created specifically for TOK teachers to give you a detailed overview of the innovative, interdisciplinary TOK resources Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal offers to support both students and teachers.  The video is divided in three sections:

I. Teaching TOK

  • An overview of Ideas Roadshow’s TOK video and print expert resources
  • Specific teaching methodologies for the TOK course
  • Adapting to the new TOK curriculum

II.  Assisting Students with their TOK essay & presentation

III. Integrating TOK throughout the DP curriculum

II. Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal – Live Online TOK Events

Our first live online TOK event to support teachers with the new TOK curriculum took place on Thursday January 23rd. The video recording of this event (above) includes several clips from our new TOK resources which directly support the transition to the new TOK curriculum. We examined the upcoming changes to the TOK curriculum in terms of their overlap with the founding ideals and motivating philosophy of the IB’s pioneers, thereby providing a uniquely illuminating perspective on the past, present and future of TOK’s vital role in the entire IBDP project.

You can now watch the recording of our second TOK event on Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP YouTube channel, here. Daryl Hitchcock, TOK Coordinator at Leysin American School in Switzerland, was on our panel and we featured a discussion between Dr. Howard Burton, founder/creator of Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal, and Daryl about the upcoming changes to the TOK curriculum and the map metaphor.