Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal – TOK in Action

Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal offers a strong pedagogical framework where TOK is the backbone of interdisciplinarity throughout all resources. Our user-friendly platform includes a particularly large collection of TOK video and (digital) print resources which uniquely connect fundamental TOK concepts and ideas to the front lines of research in fully-accessible formats for both new and experienced teachers and for students. In addition, you will have access to a wide range of unique TOK integration materials across 21 DP subjects to help subject teachers incorporate TOK explicitly and easily into their lessons.

In planning my lessons around the new Theory of Knowledge curriculum, I have embedded the wonderful resources from Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal into my daily classes.  The articles, videos, and examples are invaluable in helping my students to conceptualize Theory of Knowledge ideas within real-world contexts.

In addition, Ideas Roadshow provides students with an ideal on-line environment in which to conduct their research as they ponder knowledge questions, plan their exhibitions, and write their essays“. — Dr. Carolyn Norris, Theory of Knowledge Teacher, TASIS England

More than 80 top researchers at prestigious institutions around the world have participated in Ideas Roadshow in our effort to connect the Diploma Programme—and in particular the DP core—with the fascinating world of research. This way we have been able to tangibly demonstrate how in the real world TOK thinking is integral to successful problem-solving and gaining knowledge. By having access to a wide range of real-world examples of how TOK-related thinking actually works in today’s research, students will be exposed to the diversity and richness of different international perspectives from leading experts around the world who all come from different backgrounds and cultures.

I. The New TOK Course

Ideas Roadshow’s TOK resources have been fully aligned with the new TOK curriculum while continuing to offer support for the ‘old’ TOK course during the transition period so that you can get ready to prepare your new TOK lessons ahead of when teaching starts.

Our 300+ TOK resources that are part of Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal – TOK Clips, TOK Compilations and TOK Samplers – come with a detailed TOK Lesson Planner and a helpful, downloadable 1-page PDF for each video specifying:
* related AOKs; 
* connections with the new optional themes;
* associated concepts corresponding to the knowledge framework;
* related IA prompts for the TOK exhibition;
* 3 sample knowledge questions;
* citation details for the TOK essay or TOK exhibition.

You can now watch a recording of a New TOK Webinar below to learn about our TOK Lesson Planner and how our resources can be used to quickly and easily invoke a spectrum of concrete teaching strategies for the new core theme, the knowledge framework, the 5 optional themes and AOKs, while providing a wealth of additional student support for both the TOK essay and the new TOK exhibition.

II. TOK Integration Across the DP Curriculum

As mentioned above, Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal offers a strong pedagogical framework where Theory of Knowledge is the backbone of interdisciplinarity throughout all resources. Find out about our unique video and print resources that both subject teachers and TOK teachers can use to easily and explicitly show TOK connections across the entire DP curriculum. We’ve highlighted how TOK-related thinking permeates all 21 DP subjects our database covers in different ready-to-use formats to increase student understanding of the real-world relevance of TOK. Here is a brief video to give you a sense of things.

III. The New TOK Curriculum – Setting the Stage

Click on the image below to watch the recording of a recent online event that we held providing our thoughts on how the changes to the TOK curriculum are in line with the original motivations to place TOK at the core of the Diploma Programme.