Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP expert resources uniquely connect fundamental TOK concepts and ideas to the front lines of research, tangibly demonstrating how TOK thinking is integral to successful problem-solving across a broad spectrum of subject areas. Our database offers an extensive collection of unique TOK video and print resources which provide real-world examples of the relevance of theory of knowledge – “TOK in action” – in today’s research across all disciplines.

We have just added six Titled Assistance videos to our database which provide direct guidance on all the May 2020 prescribed titles for the TOK essay with links to materials that are part of our database. 

“.. the PT videos are tremendously helpful. Students like them and feel more confident at tackling the questions.”

Both TOK and subject teachers will also value our TOK Connections Guides for all 21 DP subjects our database covers to explicitly and easily integrate TOK across the curriculum.

TOK 2020

Please watch the video below which illustrates how Ideas Roadshow’s TOK resources can directly help teachers make the transition to the new TOK course. The video shows how our TOK resources will change and how they can be used to bridge to the new TOK course.

You can now watch a recording of our TOK webinar to get a detailed overview of the following:

  • TOK video resources: TOK Clips, TOK Compilations, TOK Samplers (not included in this webinar is our latest series of Titled Assistance videos for the TOK prescribed essay titles for May 2020);
  • TOK supporting materials, including Ideas Roadshow’s TOK Guide and TOK Connections Guides, plus the helpful 1-page PDFs that accompany each video;
  • how our resources will facilitate the transition to the new TOK course with first teaching in 2020.