Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP expert resources uniquely connect fundamental TOK concepts and ideas to the front lines of research, tangibly demonstrating how TOK thinking is integral to successful problem-solving across a broad spectrum of subject areas.

On the Teachers page you can view a few introductory videos highlighting our resources for TOK teachers and how Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal facilitates the transition to the new TOK course with first teaching in 2020.

Both TOK and subject teachers will also value our TOK Connections Guides for 21 DP subjects to integrate TOK across the curriculum. For a detailed overview of our TOK resources (including TOK Clips, TOK Compilations, and TOK Samplers) plus Ideas Roadshow’s TOK Guide and TOK Connections guides, sign up for a free on-demand webinar which you can watch anytime! Click on the image below to visit the page where  you can register.