Ideas Roadshow’s comprehensive database of video and print expert resources is explicitly geared to supporting teachers across the DP curriculum, with separate resources and guides for TOK, EE, and 21 DP subjects. All videos are in English and are provided with closed captioning in English. Each video comes with a helpful 1-page PDF which provides a brief summary, keywords, key concepts covered, related subjects, eBook reference, knowledge questions and/or questions for discussion, and citing suggestions.

While some subjects naturally have more content and/or direct curriculum overlap than others, we are confident that teachers of every subject covered will find much that can be directly applied to their discipline.  By highlighting relevant material in clear and distinct ways through the corresponding 21 DP Subject Guides, we aim to significantly facilitate use of our resources both in and beyond the classroom.

Both TOK and subject teachers will also value our TOK Connections Guides, where a number of distinct TOK-overlaps are demonstrated for each of the 21 DP subjects the database covers, while those supervising students for their extended essay might well have cause to periodically dip into Ideas Roadshow’s EE Guide to help students hone their essay.

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