We didn’t have exams due to the coronavirus, but I got the score I wanted for TOK! Thank you so much for doing this for me and other IB students – your resources are top-notch!Rissa C., IB Graduate, University of British Columbia

“My son received an A in TOK. We purchased your success-oriented resources and he used them for all the DP core requirements. He needed these extra points to get into the prestigious University of this choice and he did by having access to your materials! Thank you for your amazing resources that enable these students to not only achieve, but excel.” — Mary S. , parent of IB graduate 

Too Much Theory, Not Enough Knowledge? Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal offers an extensive collection of authoritative, easy-to-use video resources and helpful supporting materials specifically created for students to ace the DP core requirements. They are excellent for your university personal statement as well!


Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal offers a wide range of success-oriented video and digital print resources explicitly designed to support students with both the TOK essay and exhibition. Our “TOK in Action” resources highlight the real-world relevance of TOK in today’s research across all disciplines by tangibly demonstrating how TOK-related thinking is integral to successful problem-solving and gaining knowledge.

Students will gain valuable, accessible insights into the diversity and importance of different perspectives from top international researchers who all come from different backgrounds and cultures. The PDFs that come with each video plus additional supporting materials provide students with all the TOK tools they need to excel!

Resources for the TOK Essay & Exhibition include:

All 300+ Ideas Roadshow TOK expert resources – TOK Clips, TOK Compilations and TOK Samplers – come with a helpful 1-page PDF specifying:
– related AOKs;  
– connections with 1 or more particular optional themes;
– associated concepts corresponding to the knowledge framework;
– related IA prompts for the TOK exhibition;
– additional relevant Ideas Roadshow TOK resources;
– 3 sample knowledge questions specifically related to that particular video;
– citation details.

Included are also: a series of 6 TOK Essay Practice videos, instructional videos on how to build a successful TOK Essay and prepare a great TOK Exhibition, and much more!


Tired of searching for accessible, interesting research materials at your level that you can directly use to improve your performance across the DP core? Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal offers you an extensive, user-friendly platform of IB-specific resources to help you write a top-mark Extended Essay or Internal Assessment across 21 DP subjects: from starting your investigations, to finding a great research question to building and referencing your essay.

Resources across 21 DP subjects for EE & other IAs include:

  • E x t e n d i n g Ideas videos for 21 different DP subjects to start student inquiry;
  • Ideas Roadshow’s EE Guide with hundreds of research ideas plus related resources;
  • an extensive collection of 2-5 minute expert videos highlighting concepts or ideas;
  • a wide range of 15-30 minute compilation videos featuring different expert perspectives on a single theme or topic;
  • 1-hour videos of the full conversations broken into chapters;
  • enhanced eBooks which include the unabridged conversation broken into chapters with lots of additional scholarly resources, incl. a bio of the expert, a detailed essay setting up the different ideas covered, references at the end of each chapter for further research, questions for discussion, topics for further exploration, and more;
  • each video comes with a detailed PDF and related resources for further research;
  • suggested reference details are provided for all resources.