Through the combination of our extensive database of expert video and print resources and innovative EE-related support materials (a comprehensive Ideas Roadshow Extended Essay Guide and additional Extending Ideas videos), we offer a wealth of authoritative research materials to support students with their extended essays, as well as other internal assessments.

Each of the 21 DP subjects our database covers has a separate page in the guide which features 5 specific suggestions for research investigations using our collection of video and print resources with useful tips for succeeding.  The Extending Ideas videos offer an additional 5 suggestions in video form. Our long-format resources – full-length videos and enhanced eBooks – contain a wealth of academic resources, including an introductory essay, a brief bio of the expert, references and links at the end of each chapter, additional topics for further exploration and questions for discussion, to directly assist student research once they have settled on a specific topic for their EE.

For more information on how Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP can directly assist students in the development of their extended essays, please watch the video below.