Ideas Roadshow’s collection of psychology video and digital print resources is particularly large offering many illuminating insights across all three core approaches to understanding behaviour as well as two of the four optional themes (developmental psychology and the psychology of human relationships).  Some materials could be used to help focus student interest in a specific topic for their experimental studies, while numerous particular themes are highlighted for a potential extended essay in psychology in both Ideas Roadshow’s EE Guide for Students and Extending Ideas in Psychology video.

Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal also includes a wide range of resources to explicitly integrate TOK into your Psychology course, including our TOK Connections Overview Video for  Psychology, TOK Connections Guide for Psychology and knowledge questions that are part of the questions for discussion that come with each video.

‘I am impressed by the range of innovative, pedagogical resources that Howard Burton has developed from our discussion. Through Howard’s hands-on research experience and scientific knowledge he has an insider’s understanding of the potential of video to engage with research material. By combining his skills as both interviewer and editor, he has been able to create high-quality pedagogical resources that are relevant to students at all levels and the wider research community.” — Philip ZimbardoProfessor of Psychology, Stanford University

Below you can watch a video to learn how Ideas Roadshow’s expert resources for psychology enhance online teaching in a unique and engaging way.