English A: Language & Literature

Ideas Roadshow’s English A: Language and Literature video and (digital) print resources feature a large number of internationally-renowned researchers providing a diverse range of perspectives on the relationship between language and meaning throughout a broad cross-section of disciplines chategorized by the three distinct areas of exploration: Readers, Writers and Texts, Time and Space, and Intercontextuality: Connecting Texts.

Our resources are also helpful for a written task and further oral activity involving the use of language, while ten specific themes to start investigations towards a category 3 extended essay are featured in the corresponding section of Ideas Roadshow’s Extended Essay Guide for Students and the Extending Ideas in English A: Language & Literature video.

Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal includes a wide range of resources to explicitly and easily integrate TOK into your lessons with helpful supporting materials such as Ideas Roadshow’s TOK Connections Guide and TOK Connections Overview Video for English A: Language & Literature.

Below you can watch a video to learn how Ideas Roadshow’s DP resources for English A: Language & Literature enhance online teaching in a unique and engaging way.