English A: Language & Literature

Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP expert resources in English A: Language and Literature are strongly concentrated on Parts 1 and 2 of the syllabus – language in cultural context and language and mass communication – featuring over 40 different experts concretely illustrating aspects of the relationship between language and meaning.  Resources may prove helpful to a written task and further oral activity involving the use of language, while ten specific themes for beginning investigations towards a category 3 extended essay in English A: language and literature are featured in the corresponding section of Ideas Roadshow’s Extended Essay Guide for Students and the Extending Ideas in English A: Language & Literature video.

Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal also includes a wide range of resources to explicitly integrate TOK into your English A: Language & Literature course, including our TOK Connections Overview Video for English A: Language & Literature and TOK Connections Guide for English A: Language & Literature.