Information Technology in a Global Society

While Ideas Roadshow’s resources in ITGS are not extensive, they nonetheless contain several specific themes and concepts relevant to all three strands of the ITGS curriculum, from speculations on how social media might be harnessed to improve our notion of citizenship to the environmental issues associated with transforming our power grids to digital censorship.  Owing to the nature of the internal assessment in ITGS, our resources will naturally not serve as stand-alone aids for its development, but might nonetheless play a significant role in sparking interest during the initial phase of searching for a topic, while Ideas Roadshow’s EE Guide lists 5 ITGS-related themes and topics that might be developed into a specific research question for an extended essay in ITGS.

Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal also includes a wide range of resources to explicitly integrate TOK into your ITGS course, including our TOK Connections Guide for ITGS.