Group 1 Webinar On Demand

Group 1 teachers can now sign up for a 30-minute on-demand webinar to get a detailed overview of how Ideas Roadshow’s new, innovative IBDP Portal supports both teachers and students with a wide range of authoritative video and print resources for English A: Language & Literature. Pricing and subscription details are covered as well.

FOR IMMEDIATE ACCESS: As soon as you register for this webinar, you will receive an email with a link to instantly join the webinar. Please note that the webinar cannot be paused once it has started so make sure to only register when you have 30 minutes available to watch the complete webinar. Here is the registration link for instant access.

FOR ACCESS AT A LATER TIME: if you would like to join the webinar at a more appropriate time when you are certain that you’ll have the required time (30 minutes) to watch the webinar, you can copy/paste this link to register at a later time: You can use this link as well to share with other Group 1 teachers!

FREE 1-WEEK TRIAL: make sure to fill out our brief post-webinar survey to let us know if you’d like to receive your free 1-week pass which you can share with colleagues at your school.