Global Politics

Ideas Roadshow’s video and (digital) print resources in Global Politics feature renowned political scientists and other leading experts providing illuminating, accessible insights into a broad spectrum of issues related to various units of the Global Politics curriculum, from human rights to measuring societal progress to environmental sustainability.  Our expert resources are also helpful for the successful development of a particular engagement activity or an Extended Essay in Global Politics.

Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal includes a wide range of resources to explicitly and easily incorporate TOK into your lessons with helpful supporting materials such as Ideas Roadshow’s TOK Connections Overview Video for Global Politics, TOK Connections Guide for Global Politics and knowledge questions that are part of the questions for discussion that come with each video.

All resources are digital and can be seamlessly used for both in-class and online teaching.

Below you can watch a video to learn how Ideas Roadshow’s expert resources for Global Politics enhance online teaching in a unique and engaging way.