DP Librarian Webinar On Demand

DP librarians can now sign up for a 35-minute on-demand webinar. This webinar will give you a detailed overview of how Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal explicitly supports both students and teachers across the DP curriculum. Our IBDP-specific database has a user-friendly lay-out and is easy to use. Find out about our authoritative video and print resources plus supporting materials specifically created for students to directly support them with their extended essay and other internal assessments plus their TOK essay and presentation.

In addition, the database offers an extensive collection of engaging, real-world examples of TOK thinking to enhance the TOK course for both new and experienced TOK teachers. Last but not least, our database facilitates integrating TOK across the DP curriculum and offers a wide range of curriculum-relevant resources for 21 DP subjects for teaching and learning. Pricing and subscription details are covered as well.

FOR IMMEDIATE ACCESS: Please note that the webinar cannot be paused once it has started. However, in the follow-up email after the webinar you will receive a recording of the webinar which you can stop and start at your liking.  Here is the registration link for instant access.

FREE 1-WEEK TRIAL: all attendees will receive a free 1-week pass to explore all resources and supporting materials that are part of Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal. Please use the contact form if you didn’t receive your free trial pass.

NEW: you can now watch a new informational video (below) that we created specifically for DP librarians if that’s more convenient than participating in our webinar. Please use the contact form for your free trial and further information.

Info video for DP Librarians