DP Coordinators & Librarians

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Individual subscriptions: You can now sign up for an individual teacher or student subscription to get full access to all resources for teaching and learning.

Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal offers:

I. TOK resources: more than 300 unique “TOK in Action” videos with accompanying worksheets and lesson plans which connect fundamental TOK concepts and ideas to the frontlines of research in a range of fully-accessible formats for both teachers and students: TOK Clips, TOK Samplers, TOK Compilations, TOK Essay Practice videos, TOK Lesson Planner, TOK Intro Videos, and more.

II. TOK Integration Across the DP curriculum. Our platform offers a strong pedagogical framework where Theory of Knowledge is the backbone of interdisciplinarity throughout all resources. Your subject teachers will have access to a wide range of resources to highlight direct overlaps between TOK and 21 DP subjects to explicitly and easily incorporate TOK into all their lessons.

III. Authoritative, engaging video & digital print resources to support students with their EE/IAs: a wide range of interdisciplinary, accessible video expert resources with accompanying print materials across 21 DP subjects plus Ideas Roadshow’s Extended Essay Guide with lots of helpful tips and ideas, E x t e n d i n g Ideas videos, instructional videos, and enhanced eBooks which offers a wealth of additional research materials.

IV. Curriculum-aligned and motivational resources for 21 DP subjects. Your subject teachers will be delighted to have access to a large collection of ready-to-use digital resources plus supporting materials to build engaging, enriching lessons with our inspirational and curriculum-aligned resources across 21 DP subjects.

V. Online Teaching Strategies: all resources can be seamlessly used when you need to switch from in-class to online teaching to make remote learning a more engaging and meaningful experience.

Below you can view a detailed video to introduce you to the different resources our platform offers to support both students and teachers.