DP Coordinators

Below is an informational video that we’ve created specifically for DP coordinators which focuses on how Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP resources are essential to explicitly and easily integrate TOK across the entire DP curriculum.

During a recent series of webinars for DP coordinators, we heard over and over again about the challenges most subject teachers face to find reliable, engaging resources to explicitly integrate TOK into their courses by showing the application of TOK-related thinking to the real world.

The video will give you a detailed overview of how our database offers a unique solution to introduce TOK into lessons across the entire DP curriculum by having easy access to a large collection of real-world examples of “TOK in action” in video format plus helpful accompanying lesson plan materials, TOK Connections Overview Videos and TOK Connections Guides for 21 subjects.

If you are interested in getting a detailed overview of all video and print resources plus supporting materials that are part of Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal to support both students and teachers with the DP core and 21 DP subjects, please watch the informational video for librarians here.

We offer free 1-week trials to explore our full database. Please use the contact form to request a trial and please indicate when you’d like your trial to start so that we can prepare your trial access pass which you can share with all teachers and students in your school.