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The Science of Language

In the Ideas Roadshow compilation video, The Science of Language, 5 celebrated researchers in different disciplines discuss groundbreaking experiments that are performed in language research and explore fascinating questions related to language, such as: What is a language and what isn’t? How does bilingualism affect the plasticity of our brain and ability to learn? What does it mean to have an impairment when using sign language?

Next to the video you can see what the accompanying worksheet/mini-lesson plan looks like on Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal.

Featured are the following experts:

  • Ellen Bialystok, world-renowned specialist in bilingualism, York University
  • Carol Padden, Dean Communication, UC San Diego & and sign-language expert
  • Martin Monti, neuroscientist and expert in brain-imaging
  • Victor Ferreira, psychologist and specialist in language development
  • Greg Hickok, neuroscientist, UC Irvine

You can find 64 more compilation videos on Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal in addition to 500+ videos in different formats for TOK, TOK integration, EE and 21 DP subjects!

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