Ideas Roadshow’s new IBDP Portal offers an extensive database of authoritative video and print resources explicitly created to meet the needs of both teachers and students throughout the Diploma Programme. Our user-friendly database offers resources plus helpful supporting materials for the extended essay, for TOK, to integrate TOK across the DP curriculum and motivational and curriculum-related resources across 21 DP subjects for teaching and learning.

A real plus for students – this amazing resource boosts excellence in student research and performance. Students actually enjoy using these engaging resources to achieve academic success!

What a gem to bring international experts right into my classroom to show the real-world relevance of TOK thinking in today’s research to my students!

An amazing collection of expert resources to explicitly and easily integrate DP across the DP curriculum.”

More than 80 internationally-renowned experts at prestigious institutions around the world, including Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Princeton, and UC Berkeley, have participated in our effort to connect the IB Diploma Programme with the fascinating world of research.

To find out more, please visit the sections above for DP Coordinators, Librarians, Teachers and Students where you’ll find lots of information, including a number of informational videos.