Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal offers an award-winning resource platform of reliable expert video resources with accompanying worksheets/lesson plans explicitly created to meet the needs of both teachers and students throughout the Diploma Programme, in particular with the DP core. Our user-friendly platform offers a strong pedagogical framework where TOK is the backbone of interdisciplinarity throughout all resources.

A unique collection of engaging, authoritative resources plus helpful supporting materials for the extended essay, for TOK, to integrate TOK across the DP curriculum and motivational and curriculum-related resources across 21 DP subjects for teaching and learning.

More than 80 internationally-renowned experts, including 3 Nobel Laureates, at prestigious institutions around the world, including Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Princeton, UC Berkeley, The National University of Singapore, and Queensland University have participated in our effort to connect the IB Diploma Programme with the fascinating world of research to help students succeed the DP and gain acceptance in a top-level university.

Remote Possibilities: all resources are digital and can be seamlessly used for both face-to-face and online teaching without the need to change lesson plans.

BETT Awards 2021: Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal was awarded Highly Commended in the International Digital Educational Resource category : “… exemplary digital and online education resources that are successful internationally … evidence that the product has aided teaching and learning in schools and educational establishments internationally.”

The quality of the resources is consistently impressive and each one is directly linked to a specific area of the curriculum, making lesson planning very straightforward. The students really engage with the material and the way in which it brings aspects of the curriculum to life as well as engaging them in thinking about TOK ideas in a direct way. I cannot imagine teaching without it now.” — Naomi Williams, DP Coordinator

In planning my lessons around the new TOK curriculum, I have embedded the wonderful resources from Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal into my daily classes.  The articles, videos, and examples are invaluable in helping my students to conceptualize TOK ideas within real-world contexts. In addition, Ideas Roadshow provides students with an ideal on-line environment in which to conduct their research as they ponder knowledge questions, plan their exhibitions, and write their essays.” — Dr. Carolyn Norris, TOK Teacher, TASIS England