Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal is an award-winning resource platform of authoritative video resources with accompanying worksheets/mini lesson plans explicitly created to meet the needs of both teachers and students in the IB Diploma Programme. TOK is the backbone of interdisciplinarity throughout all resources which means that explicit connections with TOK across 21 DP subjects can be easily and explicitly highlighted by both subject teachers and TOK teachers.

The IBDP Portal provides a strong pedagogical framework through a user-friendly interface. Teachers and students can access a unique collection of engaging, authoritative videos in different formats plus helpful supporting materials for TOK, to integrate TOK across the DP curriculum, for the Extended Essay/IAs and motivational and curriculum-related resources across 21 DP subjects for teaching and learning. 

More than 80 internationally-renowned researchers, including 3 Nobel Laureates, at prestigious universities around the world have participated in our effort to connect students with the fascinating world of research to help them succeed the DP and gain acceptance in a top-level university.

Remote Possibilities: all resources are digital and can be seamlessly used for both face-to-face and online teaching without the need to change lesson plans. Visit the section for DP Coordinators and Librarians (above) for a detailed overview of all resources and an informational video.