Ideas Roadshow’s new IBDP Portal offers an innovative database of over 500 authoritative, accessible video and print expert resources for the Extended Essay, TOK, TOK Connections with other DP subject areas, and for teaching and research across 21 DP Subjects featuring more than 80 top researchers at leading universities around the world, explicitly created to meet the needs of both teachers and students in the Diploma Programme. NEW: we just added a collection of new TOK Samplers to our database specifically created to ease the transition to the new TOK course well ahead of when teaching starts in 2020. 

Our database also includes a wide array of helpful guides that we have developed for teachers and students to quickly find relevant resources, including our TOK Guide, EE Guide for Students, 21 DP Subject Guides and TOK Connections Guides. Please visit the Teachers and Students sections above for more detailed information.  


Throughout July we are scheduling free interactive webinars hosted by the creators/founders of Ideas Roadshow to give IB educators around the world a detailed overview of the unique resources Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal offers to support teachers and students. You can now register for our  general webinars and more specific webinars, including DP coordinator webinars, TOK webinars, EE webinars, DP subject webinars, and more on the webinars page on this website.

For a limited time only, attendees will receive a complimentary 1-month subscription to our database.