Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal offers an extensive, IB-specific database of reliable video and print resources explicitly created to meet the needs of both teachers and students throughout the Diploma Programme. Our user-friendly database offers a wide range of engaging, authoritative resources plus helpful supporting materials for the extended essay, for TOK (for the present and the new TOK course), to integrate TOK across the DP curriculum and motivational and curriculum-related resources across 21 DP subjects for teaching and learning.

More than 80 internationally-renowned experts at prestigious institutions around the world, including Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Princeton, and The National University of Singapore, have participated in our effort to connect the IB Diploma Programme with the fascinating world of research to help students succeed the DP and gain acceptance in a top-level university.

To find out more, please visit the sections above for DP Coordinators, Librarians, Teachers and Students where you’ll find lots of information. If you’re interested in an online demo and a free trial to explore an institutional subscription for your school please use the contact form.

The quality of the resources is consistently impressive and each one is directly linked to a specific area of the curriculum, making lesson planning very straightforward. The students really engage with the material and the way in which it brings aspects of the curriculum to life as well as engaging them in thinking about Theory of Knowledge ideas in a direct way. I cannot imagine teaching without it now.

Naomi Williams, DP Coordinator

LOCKDOWN UPDATE: We offer all IB schools (even if you’ve recently re-opened your school) 1 month of free, unlimited access to try out all resources that are part of Ideas Roadshow’s IBDP Portal. Use the contact form so that we can arrange an online demo with your DP coordinator and/or librarian. After the demo we can make arrangements for complimentary access for all teachers and students in your school.