Ideas Roadshow’s new IBDP Portal offers an innovative database of authoritative video and print expert resources for the Extended Essay, TOK, TOK Connections with other DP subjects, and for teaching & learning across 21 DP Subjects featuring more than 80 top researchers at leading universities around the world, explicitly created to meet the needs of both teachers and students throughout the Diploma Programme. 

Our IBDP-specific database has three primary distinguishing features:
* the only video and print database tailor-made for the Diploma Programme to meet the needs of both teachers and students across the curriculum;

* the only DP resource that integrates a wide spectrum of expert insights from some of the world’s leading researchers to directly assist students and teachers with their DP subject and core requirements;

* the only DP resource that provides hundreds of concrete examples to facilitate explicitly integrating TOK across the DP curriculum.  



Interested in learning more? Visit the webinars page on this website to sign up for one of our free on-demand webinars which have been specifically created for DP coordinators, DP librarians TOK teachers/coordinators, EE coordinators, and DP subject teachers in Groups 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6.